Sunday, May 6, 2012


It was good to hear from you the other day.  I'm glad to hear that you are in good health.  Praise the Lord!!!!
I mentioned to you that I wanted to send you a photo.  I figured it to be extremely important that the Chancellors know their Founding Fathers.  Attached is a picture of our first official meeting that was held at Gonzales Park (name has since changed) in Compton.  This was the first set of officers plus a couple of distinguished guests.  In case you forgot some of their names, I have listed them below.  You'll have to help me with some of the titles.  I forgot a few of them.
Top Row, left to right:
Ivan Beatty - Sargeant at Arms
Douglas Dollarhide - first Black Mayor of Compton
Raymond Santee - President
Olten Blouin - President, Unity Credit Union
Bottom Row, left to right:
George Lumpkin
Marcus "Artie) Ross - Business Manager
John Watters
Wilburn Hodge - Secretary
Roger Caruthers
Ray Charles
You must admit...... these are some handsome dudes!!!!!  By the way, I haven't changed at all (hahaha)....maybe a few added pounds but we probably all have that issue.......
I hope this little piece of history inspires the club.  I am impressed that they are still active.
Marcus A. Ross

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