Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wayne Staged 2009

Sharon's 74 Super

Herb "The DHK Man"

Money Mike $$$$$ Chillin on 120th

Mike Durkee at the line Berg 2009 "Big Reg's Car"

Mike Durkee on 120th

The Donor Car Relaxing at Durkee Performance

Volks Chancellor Donor Car

Donor Car a work in Progress

A day on 120th

The Ghost in the Haunted Spot Berg 2009

Wayne at the ready!! 2009 Drag-In

Wayne's Wagen chillin in Waynes World

Mike Durkee in Reggie's remix just getting started

Mike Durkee on Driver/Crew Chief duty Berg 2009

Ed Mc Elroy at Berg 2009 Taking no prisoners

Volks Chancellor Teamwork

The Donor Car w/ Craig Roberts at the line

The Blue Ghost II w/LeRoy Wright

Craig & Mike in stlye at Drag-In 2009

Ed McElroy meet Runner-up at Drag-In 2009

2009 Incred-a-Bowl Most represented Club

2009 Clyde Berg Incred-a-Bowl Classic weekend